Venezuela: Congressman Carlos Ramos questions Williams F1

Congressman Carlos Ramos is now turning his attention to Frank Williams’ F1 team. PDVSA, the Venezuelan oil State conglomerate, is sponsoring the Williams F1 team. No one in Venezuela -apart from a handful of chavistas- knows how many millions have PDVSA promised and disbursed to Williams F1 team. In any case, according to Venezuelan legislation, no public monies can be committed to any such projects without the approval of the Venezuelan Congress. Neither Hugo Chavez, nor PDVSA, can unilaterally spend public monies without oversight or approval. Therefore the contract between PDVSA and Frank Williams F1 team may well be illegal, as there’s no record of the contract ever having been discussed, or approved, by people’s representatives in Venezuela’s Congress. We shall see whether Williams F1 team replies now, to an official request for a copy of the contract for an ongoing investigation in Venezuela’s Congress.

According to previous local reports in Venezuela, starting in 2010, Frank Williams F1 team could have gotten either £110.5 millions, £138.14 millions, or £154.7 millions from PDVSA depending on exposure of PDVSA / Venezuela logos in Williams F1 car and drivers’ livery.

Tomorrow, I shall be sending via recorded delivery a copy of this letter to Claire Williams.

UPDATE: copy of Congressman Carlos Ramos letter was received in Williams F1 office in Grove on 18 November, at 08:47, according to Royal Mail.

UPDATE II: Claire Williams has replied to Congressman Ramos’ communication, 18 November 2011 16:15:24 GMT. We are preparing a reply, to be posted here soon.

Venezuela: Congressman Carlos Ramos questions Williams F1 – PDVSA contract
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Tomado de Venezuela: Congressman Carlos Ramos questions Williams F1