The New York Times does Eva Golinger

Eva is moving up in the revolutionary world. The New York Times, bastion of liberalism, has published a profile of Eva Golinger. As Daniel argues, why would the New York Times consider worthy ceding a piece of its publication’s real state to a non entity, such as Eva Golinger? My view is that, if anything, the NYT, and Reuters before that, are simply setting the record straight on Eva, which is something I started doing in 2003. She’s gaining notoriety. She’s travelling with Chavez now. She’s even going to have her own programme, in that beacon of «objective» journalism, which is Putin-controlled Russia Today. Both articles present her as editor of officially-funded Correo del Orinoco. Simon Romero’s article in the NYT goes even further, and refers to her as «one of the most prominent fixtures of Venezuela’s expanding state propaganda complex

As her idol, to whom she owes a lavish lifestyle and everything she’s got, Golinger really is her own worst enemy. One only has to see the zeal with which she defends Chavez to realise that objectivity, respect for rule of law and human rights aren’t values Golinger holds dear. The peculiarly funny thing is that Golinger resents being defined as a propagandist, which is effectively what she is. In that regard, the NYT is to be applauded. As Larry Rohter did with Oliver Stone’s propagandistic film and his officially-funded sources, now Simon Romero’s article has «outed» Eva Golinger, in The New York Times no less!

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