Rogues Gallery

Who is that, posing with the Big Dog?

Why that would be Orlando Castro, convicted felon and money launderer from Venezuela.

Is that the Big Dog again?

Who are those, posing with him?

Why they would be the Osorios (Amarilis and Claudio), about to be convicted fraudsters, also from Venezuela.

Is that the same couple?

Next to the «world’s most elegant First Lady»?


I think it is!

For here is Claudio Osorio, again, posing with the «world’s most powerful man».

So what else is out there? Is it a Democrats-only thing? That of posing with Venezuelan criminals? I must have misplaced pics of Osorio and Pelosi, and Hillary, and the videos… Damn! Alas it isn’t a Democrats-only thing, how unfair of me.

Here’s Al Cardenas, Republican, Chairman of ACU,  who says «you’ve got to be consistent», as he is, consistently taking money from the worse Venezuelan Boligarchs.

Is he the only case among Republicans?

No. He is not. For who is that, next to Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and David Rivera? Oh, that would be that squeaky clean banker, who has made «distinguished contributions» to American society and was given some sort of medal in Congress…

Marcos Rubio and Connie Mack were also part of the «several congressional colleagues» that praised and recognised «leaders» such as David Osio.

But is that all?

It isn’t. Those are the Osorios, again, with Jeb Bush et al!

One thing is clear: ill gotten money gets you noticed, on both sides of the aisle, at the very top of American power circles and politics.

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