Hugo Chavez & Iran unlikely missiles base

Yesterday’s news is that Hugo Chavez has gone into some kind of secret agreement with Iran, to build, purportedly, a missile facility out in Paraguaná, an isthmus that sits in front of the Dutch Antilles. To those who are commenting on the news from Die Welt, which it isn’t really news but a rehash of another piece from the same source back in November last year, I am sorry to rain on their parade, but that piece of ‘news’ isn’t even worth the pixels in which it has been posted. And I shall explain why.

Hugo Chavez is someone who is not afraid to show, as publicly and bombastically as possible, where his sympathies lay. Chavez is a guy who has no trouble posing for a photo-op in the steps of Miraflores, presidential palace in Caracas, with internationally wanted FARC narco terrorists; Chavez has no trouble giving Venezuelan citizenships, and jobs, to wanted ETA terrorists; Chavez has no trouble saying that Mugabe is a hero, and posing with him; Chavez has no trouble in coming to Gaddafi’s, or al-Assad’s, or al-Bashir’s, or Castro’s defence; Chavez is on record defending Carlos the Jackal; Chavez has said that if something happens to the Iranian mullahs and Ahmadinejad, the Venezuelan people will come to their rescue. Mind you the caudillo is so completely and utterly incapable of restraining his deliriums of grandeur that he will say, or do,  whatever is necessary to drive home his so called anti imperialist agenda, and establish himself as an important geopolitical figure. 
We have then witnessed the utter destruction that Chavez, and his hordes, have caused in Venezuela. Take PDVSA, a once respected, profit making, reputable enterprise, having been reduced, by Chavez and his henchmen, to a loss-making, capacity-shrinking, staff-bloated, unreliable joint that can hardly sustain itself. Take Venezuela’s dams, grid, and electrical companies. Take CANTV. Take road infrastructure, ports, airports… There is one defining, unmissable characteristic in all of the above: bring Chavez and chavistas in and destruction is guaranteed. They’re experts at destroying, not at building. Take now into account the fact that Chavez has had no problem allowing for publication in official gazette of every official deal he does. It’s all there, from partnering with OFAC-designated Iranian joints, to naturalisation of terrorists. Also, do consider that nothing in Venezuela is secret. Nothing.
With all this in mind, we are led to believe, by a German newspaper citing «Western security forces», that a secret deal was made with Iran. Nowhere have I been able to find any information about this deal, and thus far I reckon I have already demonstrated my capacity to unearthing compromising information about the Chavez regime. But beyond that, the Iranians and the Venezuelans are meant to be building a missile base in Paraguaná -a desert-like region for those who’ve never been to the place- right under the noses of US army surveillance stationed in neighbouring Curacao. 
Begging the pardon of Die Welt here, but I am not buying this botched job. While I couldn’t be further from being defined as a Chavez apologist, Die Welt’s news is not news, it does not even qualify as credible gossip. We have mountains of incriminatory evidence on Chavez, truckloads, from FARC terrorists having a bunker in Caracas’ main military base at Fuerte Tiuna, to, well, ETA’s Arturo Cubillas living quite comfy in Venezuela, while earning a salary from the Chavez government. There’s too much evidence of Chavez’s derangement and violations to international laws, to be distracted by hear say, from Germany, from ‘unnamed sources’, about bases being built in the middle of a desert, without anyone noticing. This sounds awfully similar to Colin Powell’s argument about Saddam’s «mobile WMD factories». I mean, I’m sorry, but I’ll call that unsubstantiated BS.

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