Gadaffi brings in dictator Chavez to ‘pacify’ Libya

In the latest example of just how utterly fucked up our world is, Libyan tyrant Gadaffi has accepted a ‘peace proposal’ from his Venezuelan chum Hugo Chavez. Peace, the Venezuelan military dictator will bring. Peace. No, seriously. The man who attempted a military coup against a democratically elected government, causing the deaths of many, is to bring peace to Libya. The man who ordered tanks to placate a peaceful demonstration, will bring peace to Libya. The caudillo who systematically violates the rights of his political opponents, and has built a cult based on hatred, will bring peace to Libya. Fidel Castro’s number 1 groupie, and biggest financial supporter, yep, that’s the one who’ll ensure that peace returns to Libya. ETA, and FARC, most important benefactor and patron, same man, he’ll surely diffuse tensions in Libya. He’ll surely listen to all parties objectively, ever so equanimous, as he is. Oh, and the Arabs have also been invited to the gig. Next thing we’ll be informed, Chavez will form a quartet with America’s longest dictator, a pedophile guerrillero, and an African thug to ‘pacify’ Libya. Freedom loving Libyans aren’t convinced. Menos mal!

Tomado de Gadaffi brings in dictator Chavez to ‘pacify’ Libya