Gemalto notified of Venezuelan Congress investigation

The letter from Congressman Carlos Ramos to Isabelle Marand, VP Corporate Coomunications at Gemalto, was delivered to her office in 6 Rue de la Verreine, Meudon, in France, on 7 November 2011, according to La Poste:

Congressman Carlos Ramos is now to seek collaboration from Dutch and French congressmen/women to force an answer from Gemalto, which to this day, has refused to even acknowledge communications sent by Congressman Ramos or myself.

It is evident that this failure / refusal to answer a set of simple questions by whoever is in charge of PR and communications for Gemalto, it would appear to be Ms Marand, is indicative that Gemalto could have something to hide. Given that the company is registered in France and Holland, and the fact that it is a public company, it will be interesting to see whether their alleged operations and earnings in Venezuela, through a fully owned subsidiary in Mexico, are legitimate and have been properly declared.

Tomado de Gemalto notified of Venezuelan Congress investigation