Remember this? It wasn’t that long ago, was it? Lessons haven’t been learned. If anything, the will of the people has been redefined, by almost all media, in most countries, as a retrograde manifestation that ought to be repudiated at every available opportunity.

But who are the creators of the new dogma? Who are the new oracles, seers, and high priests of post modern morality? Do their knowledge spring from sacred scriptures? From where do these prophets derive their wisdom? What makes their capacity to interpret reality so unique, that only their anointed peers can see it?

We live in an era of fanaticism, of nihilistic delusion. The motto «après moi le déluge» has lost its reflexive connotation, and has morphed into a collective utopia that inhabits the minds and thoughts of educated elites up and down this world. The shared creed is not to be questioned, and crucially not challenged. Democracy no longer fits the purpose. Consensus? Only to pledge absolute loyalty to the «new» normal. Any deviation from the grand diktats of the PC establishment is to be derided, mocked, ridiculed, and exposed as epitomes of racism, misogyny, ignorance, insularity and brutality across all social, political, religious, academic and media channels under their control. A singular unity and conformity characterises the narrative of this collectivity, as in the most fanatic of sects.

Interpretations and discourse aren’t derived from observation. Consultation does not inform argumentation. Fanatics feed their worldview solely and exclusively from other cabal members. No outside perspective is allowed to pollute considerations. The «new» reality is a construct, wherein poverty, unemployment, and disease do not exist. Worse still, aspirations are forbidden. People that do not know what it is to go hungry, to lose a home, to be chronically unemployed; people that can not see the pitfalls of public education and its consequences, and are incapable of recognising, much less of empathising, with the other are meant to be beacons of morality that should be followed blindly. Only full allegiance will do.

It is concerning that such an infantile dystopia is shared among many of the Western world’s «experts», intellectuals and «cool» politicos, for whom the poor are repugnant, a «basket of deplorables.» And it is pervasive, almost omnipresent, Gramscian. Those who vote, and do so with their pockets, stomachs, or feet, deserve nothing but ostracism. Electoral results contrary to those expected by interest-in-possession life tenants, Claret-sipping Guardianistas, and assorted members of the status quo can only bring about cataclysmic chaos, ungovernability: the end of times.

Hope can only be had for aligned candidates. Revolution? Only against perceived enemies (imperialism, capitalism, etc.) Only the right can be corrupt, and abuse power. Only right-wingers can be racist, and misogynistic. The Big Dog can’t do wrong, victims of his predatory sexual abuses are nothing but gold diggers. It is perfectly fine, and beyond reproach, to illegally conduct affairs of State from the kitchen, breach duty of care, and abuse position in get-rich-quick schemes sanctioned by «non for profit» organisations.

Donald Trump is a piece of work, no doubt. And perhaps America is the only place, well Italy comes to mind, where such a flawed character could reach the highest office. But the Clintons? I mean, seriously? Trump is certainly a member of that establishment that American voters seem so keen on getting rid of. He is as amoral, crooked, and every bit as selfish and megalomaniac as the other two. But instead of making himself unelectable by insulting the electorate, he employed that tried and tested method of telling people what they wanted to hear, something true believers are simply unwilling to even contemplate. American institutions will now have to deal with the resulting mess, checks and balances will guarantee observance to rule of law. Trump is just one clown, an American Hugo Chavez, bent on profiting from people’s desperation, though the U.S. is not Venezuela, and soon enough the realities of governing the world’s superpower will quickly chuck away all the deranged nonsense spewed during the campaign.

The others, the 1%, are a sect of deluded, egotistic and dangerous fanatics who live in denial. They will never walk a year in the shoes of a poor person to try to understand why they keep being trumped at the polls. Ultimately, they’ll take care of Trump too, either through absorption or ejection, alas the gap with those of us who don’t live in their rarefied ecosystem can only grow wider. Brexit brought about Theresa May… An unelected Prime Minister without a mandate. It is doubtful that she’ll better the lot of this country’s people. Trump does have a mandate, although no one should believe that he’ll have an easy ride with GOP-controlled Congress and Senate. In the meantime, Americans and the British continue to lack true representation in politics, an issue that affects populations in many countries around the world. Fanatics won’t shine much light on what causes the new normal: upset (for them) at the polls.

Tomado de Fanaticism