Thanks Hugo!

A couple of days ago, the BBC World Service called to ask my opinion on whether the diplomatic ‘spat’ between the US and Venezuela would amount to something meaningful, such as breaking up of commercial relations. As I said then, nothing would happen for a number of reasons, chief among which the fact that Hugo Chavez can not sustain his wretched revolution without the pile of money he gets from the USA, which he spends without any accountability as his own.

There’s nothing in this world that lieutenant colonel Chavez craves more than recognition from the US government. Hugo is, after all, just a soldier from a god forsaken town in Barinas. He couldn’t get hold of himself with Obama in Trinidad, and the picture of him laughing with Hillary Clinton, in Dilma Rouseff’s presidential inauguration, just proves how much he beseeches US attention. Furthermore, I’d venture to say that he would pay any kind of money, and give away anything to have a ‘special relation’, like the one the UK supposedly had with the USA. So thanks very much Hugo, for proving my point so quickly!

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