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En un documento en inglés, enviado entre otras personalidades a Juan González, Jefe del Hemisferio Occidental de la Casa Blanca; Joaquin Monserrate, Director de la Oficina de Asuntos Andinos del Departamento de Estado; Jennie Lincoln, Senior advisor to The Center Carter; Keith Mines, Jefe para Venezuela USIP; Geoff Ramsey, Director para Venezuela de WOLA; Helene Devaux, Miembro del equipo especial de Michel Bachelet y la ONU en Venezuela, así como Frederik Laache de la Embajada de Noruega en Colombia, el líder de Prociudadanos, Leocenis García, consignó la denuncia de su inhabilitación política.


Caracas 02 de octubre.


Estimados señores, envío este informe sobre mi sorpresiva inhabilitación política después de liderar las encuestas como se ve en este link, para el cargo de Alcalde de Caraca (…)La inhabilitación como han denunciado los rectores representantes de la oposición se da sin que yo sea funcionario público, o haya sido funcionario público en el pasado , ni tenga sentencia firme de ningún tribunal del país, dice el documento.

Reciente los rectores Picón y Márquez, así como el secretario General de la OEA, Luis Almagro, condenaron la inhabilitación de García.

“Cómo puede haber un proceso transparente si en la capital del país , se inhabilita al único candidato de oposición que podía ganarle a la candidata del chavismo” concluye el documento.

A continuación el documento en inglés:

Juan Gonzalez.
Chief’s White House Western Hemisphere .
Joaquin Monserrate.
Bureau of Andean Affairs’ Director, State’s Department.
Jennie Lincoln
Carter Center’s Senior advisor .
Keith Mines.
Venezuela USIP’s Chief.

Geoff Ramsey
WOLA’s Venezuela Director

Helene Devaux.
Michel Bachelet and UN Venezuela Task Force Member.

Fredrik Laache
Colombian Norwegian Embassy.


Caracas October 2nd.


Dear Sirs, I’m sending this report on my surprising political disqualification after leading the polls as shown in this link, for the position of Mayor of Caracas (

The disqualification as denounced by the rectors representing the opposition is given without my being a public official, or having been a public official in the past, or having a firm sentence from any court in the country.

Rector Roberto Picon says that the disqualification of Leocenis Garcia is given

«(…) announced his intention to exercise his political right to vote by running for a popularly elected position, but was surprised by last minute decisions that were not duly or timely notified to them»,

Picón pointed out that Article 65 of the Venezuelan Constitution establishes that those who have been convicted for crimes committed during the exercise of their functions may not run for a position of popular election and that this circumstance is intended to guarantee fundamental rights, such as political rights (which is not the case of Leocenis García who has not even been a civil servant).

«With such constitutional provisions, the aim is to provide the greatest possible guarantee for the exercise of citizens’ rights, without them suffering interference by opportunistic decisions in administrative headquarters», indicates Picón.

The Rector said that the requirement of the definitive sentence «intends to protect the right to due process, which includes the right to defense, both in judicial and administrative proceedings, all this attached to the content of Article 49 of the Constitution», precepts that, in his opinion, were ignored in the case of Garcia.

«The political disqualifications practiced in these terms mutate in their constitutional design from being accessory penalties to principal sanctions by way of the facts,» he said.

He adds that to this is added «the aggravating factor that the accessory sanction is suspended until the moment in which the decision-maker deems convenient to activate it, giving this discretionary decision an absolutely unacceptable turn, for being unconstitutional, whose effect is even in violation of the principles of supremacy and effectiveness of the constitutional norms and principles» (

The vice-president of the CNE, Enrique Márquez, also shared Picón’s position and added, in his Twitter account, that «the discretional use of the accessory sanction of disqualification from holding public office violates the political rights of citizens»(

Also the Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro has raised his voice against the disqualification that tarnishes the November elections process:


Since 2021 the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has been pursuing a case against the Maduro regime for violations against me (

Since then I’ve been imprisoned without a firm sentence proving my guilt about nine times by the regime. Because of this I cannot have bank accounts in Venezuela, my passport was cancelled, I’m forbidden to leave the country and now I’m DISQUALIFIED without being a public official.


Moviemiento Prociudadanos participated without alliances in the 2020 parliamentary elections, and at the end of the process denounced the process as fraudulent and presented evidence of 25 thousand witnesses throughout the country, in a press conference.

Three months later, as leader of the Prociudadanos party, I presented the evidence of this fraud to the Secretary General of the OAS in Washington (

Upon my return from Washington and entry to Venezuela, my American visa and passport were confiscated by orders of the regime’s number two, the military officer Diosdado Cabello.


In the last few days, after the CNE cancelled my registration, we have requested the disqualification order which was denied to the victim (the undersigned) and to the opposition rectors Henrique Márquez and Roberto Picón.
Likewise, thousands of supporters of Prociudadanos have marched to the CNE with no response (

While other leaders of Prociudadanos declared themselves on hunger strike in front of the CNE and were dispersed (

We have also sent a two minute audio-visual document explaining the case (


How can there be a transparent process if in the capital of the country, the only opposition candidate that could win against the candidate of Chavismo is disqualified.

Leocenis Garcia
Coordinator of Prociudadanos

Tomado de Conozca el documento en inglés consignado por Leocenis García sobre su inhabilitación a la Casa Blanca, Departamento de Estado, los Noruegos y Comisión de la ONU ( Documento Integro)
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